For young students things are ‘living’ if they move or grow; for example, the sun, wind, clouds and lightning are considered living because they change and move. Others think plants and certain animals are non-living. An everyday example is that students think various lifecycle stages of a butterfly are not alive (the eggs and immobile pupae), whereas a caterpillar and butterfly can move and are therefore considered to be alive.

Indravati Hospital and Research centre, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, is a multispeciality Hospital. It is now managed by Wellcare Health Services, a firm of experienced and qualified medical professionals with established track record in the area of Healthcare Management and Pharmaceutical Industry. Read more Build on a spacious 40,243 sq. ft. area with Basement + 8 floor structure with a capacity of 110 beds, situated at a prime location opposite from Airoli Railway station(3 minutes walking distance), Indravati Hospital is the biggest multispeciality hospital between Vashi to Thane area. We have largest well equipped 17 bed - ICU, 16 - bed dialysis centre, 24 hours pharamcy, 5 well equipped operation theaters with HEPA FILTER and Laminar Flow, 7 bed - NICU, pathology, Radiology Department. There is provision for cardiac cath. lab which will be operational soon. There is provision for CT scan / MRI scan facility which will be operational soon. We at Indravati Hospital provides round the clock services for emergencies, critical care and trauma services. At Indravati Hospital, our cashless mediclaim department work towards providing cashless benefits to the insured patients and corporates. Our "Front Desk Staff" is well trained to facilitate the admission process and we are committed to making your stay at Indravati Hospital Secure, safe and comfortable. Indravati Hospital has a dedicated team of executives who will be working for the corporate clients and their patients, helping them get the best possible medical treatment in a truly professional and caring environment. We provide customized healthcare plans based on the needs of the client for both inpatient and out patient services. Special agreements for direct settlement of bills and credit facilities are available for companies with a large pool of employees. At Indravati Hospital, the whole process from your first consultation to your stay in the hospital to your follow-up visits is designed around you. Many specialists run out patient services from our hospital consulting - rooms, and often it is possible for patients to have all their consultations, diagnosis and follow-ups in the same location. Out patient rooms are well- designed and you will have variable choices between multi-bed and single bed occupancy with attached bathrooms, a direct dial phone line and comprehensive entertainment system incorporating TV with satellite channels. Every class of patient except general ward accommodation is provided with central air-conditioning. Indravati Hospital and Research Center is committed to make your hospital experience the best possible in all respects.